Resources from others to you

(1) Finding data

(2) Data visualization inspo

(3) R resources

Using R broadly:

Online community links:

R for data visualization:

Using R for projects:1

Using xaringan for slides:

Making a website with blogdown:

Making a CV:

Predictive Modeling with Tidymodels:

(4) Empirical Economics Resources

Causal inference concepts:

Lecture notes and textbooks on causal inference/metrics:

Visualizations particularly useful to empirical research:

Staggered differences-in-differences resources:

(5) Misc. Resources

Coding as a stats-y person with stats-y software:

Using version control:

On Economics RA-ing, PhD-ing, etc.:

  1. Not R but here’s a great Stata Coding Guide from Julian Reif
  2. Highly rec seminar tips #1, 3, 4, 6