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[That is, if you want to see some depth behind the bullet points comprising my academic elevator pitch… If academic statements of purpose allowed for ~3,500 words, the above  would be my current working draft. Yes, I do admit the bullet points are easier to read.]

Research interests
  • Behavioral Economics: Reputation effects, consumer expectations, economic and social networks, consumer learning, herd behavior
  • Applied Microeconomics: Economics of crime, urban economics, law and economics, economics of education
Publications for which I provided research assistance
  • Donohue, John. “Empirical Evaluation of Law: The Dream and the Nightmare.” American Law and Economics Review 17.2 (2015): 313360. [Read article here.]
  • Donohue, John. “Empirical Analysis and the Fate of Capital Punishment.” Duke Journal of Constitutional Law & Public Policy 11 (2016): 51-106. [Read article here.]
  • Stanford Working Paper on Gun Prevalence. [Details to be updated.]
  • Stanford Working Paper on Right-To-Carry Laws. [Details to be updated.]
Work in Progress
  • A.P. Albright and P. Pedroni. The Roles of Social Media and Expert Reviews in the Market for High-End Goods: An Example Using Bordeaux and California Wines. (Presented at AAWE 2016; See slides here.)
  • Toddler projects too young to have a title…

AAWE 2016 (Bordeaux, France)



  • Senior Honors Economics Thesis Presentation, An Investigation of Quality and Hype in the Market for Wine: A Panel SVAR Approach, Williams College Economics Department, May 20, 2014. Received Highest Departmental Honors.
  • Senior Mathematics Colloquium, Benford’s Law: How It Turns Out that One is Not the Loneliest Number, Williams College Mathematics Department, February 19, 2014. (Watch video here.)
Research assistant experience

Over the past four years, I have had the privilege to work with the following Professors on academic economics research:

  • Professor John Donohue (Stanford Law School) on papers related to right-to-carry laws, the recent American crime decline, and the deterrence hypothesis.
  • Professor Yong Suk Lee (Williams College) on work related to specialized high schools entrance exams and student outcomes.
  • Professor Sarah Jacobson (Williams College) on research related to risk preferences and experimental economics.
Academic references

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