Who writes this?

I’m Alex Albright and I enjoy asking questions and exploring answers with data.

Or, in Florence Nightingale’s words, “whenever I am infuriated, I revenge myself with a new diagram.”

The Little Dataset That Could functions as an informal outlet for my curiosities and coding (mis)adventures.

While academic journals have low paper acceptance rates, it turns out a blog you run yourself will publish 100% of your data visualizations and musings.1

More about Alex Albright

I’m an economics PhD Candidate at Harvard. And I’m on the job market this year (AY 2021-2022)!2

My research focuses on criminal justice system policies (what are the welfare implications of financial bail conditions? how do judges use algorithms in bail decisions?) as well as racial inequality in the US (what are the economic consequences of mass racial violence? how does discretion in the usage of algorithms impact racial inequality?).

I’m also a Stone PhD Scholar in Harvard’s Inequality & Social Policy Program and a Horowitz Foundation Grantee. I was a Considine Fellow at Harvard Law School from 2018-2021.

I worked at Stanford Law School as an Empirical Research Fellow for Professor John Donohue from 2014-2016. I graduated from Williams College (with a BA in math & economics) in 2014.

For more academic info, see my Harvard webpage.

When I am not busy with research or side projects (the scope of this blog), you can find me in a park (playing sports, birdwatching) or drawing logos for my fictional bar.

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Some non-research things I’m proud of


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