The Little Dataset That Could functions as an outlet for a continuously curious researcher, Alex, who loves asking questions and finding answers with data.


Alex Albright is an economics PhD student at Harvard. (Or, is she a candidate yet? Honestly, she’s not sure.) Her research interests are in labor economics, law and economics, social economics, and economic history. Her current research focuses on risk assessment scores as tools and subjects of study in the criminal justice system.

She is a Stone PhD Scholar in Harvard’s Multidisciplinary Program in Inequality & Social Policy and a Considine Fellow in Law and Economics. Alex graduated from Williams College (with a BA in math and economics) in 2014 and worked at Stanford Law School as an Empirical Research Fellow for John Donohue from 2014-2016. She grew up in New York City and learned most adult concepts from Seinfeld re-runs.

When she is not busy with R code in the basement of Littauer or amusing side projects (the scope of this blog), she can be found diving (i.e., falling slowly) for frisbees.

See her Harvard webpage and CV for more academic information.

Contact Info

Email me (apalbright [at] g.harvard.edu), tweet me, if you want to reach me.

Datasets & Code

Check out my Github and RPubs for data and code.1


I am teaching EC985: Research in Social Economics, Labor Economics, and Applied Microeconomics during the 2018-19 academic year.

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