Resources for undergrad thesis writers

Below are resources I’ve compiled for undergrad thesis writers. (I’ll continue to update this whenever I encounter resources I think are useful.)

Writing resources:

Developing your topic:

Regression model questions:

Tips on managing papers:


Using beamer:

Making theory diagrams:

  1. More on the template: The project includes a .tex file (the main text of the paper), a .bst file (that’s just there for bibliography style–no need to edit that or worry about it ever), a .png file (an example of an image you can insert into your thesis), and a .bib file (the bibtex bibliography file). The thesis is the .tex file, but it calls on all the other files. It calls on the .bst and .bib files to make and format the bibliography and (author-year) citations using AER guidelines. It also calls on the .png image to insert that image into the text. Most commands you need to know to typeset a thesis (make sections, add footnotes, cite papers, add equations, add tables/figures) are shown in the template. The .bib file is where you should put the information for articles you’re reading that you’ll want to cite. You’ll create a name for the reference in the bib file (e.g., the first one in the example .bib file is named tir11) and then you can call that specific reference at any point in the .tex file using various cite commands. The bibtex framework will save you so much time when it comes to making a proper set of citations/bibliography.